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JANE ADDAMS    1860-1935

The people we worked with were so rich in their culture 
and their work ethic; but their needs were being put aside 
by those who had the means not to have to deal
with mundane things.

American social reformer.

Extraordinary American women ~ Jane Addams

She worked to secure social justice in housing, factory inspection, the treatment of immigrants and Blacks; as well as for children and women.

She worked for female suffrage and for pacifism.

She was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize in 1931.

PETER As a child you had curvature of the spine and for the last seven years of your life after your heart attack, you suffered terrible ill health.  How do you now look on your physical frailty?
JANE Physical frailty was one of the lessons I chose to experience.  Being forced to sit back on the sidelines forced me to be a keen observer of life.
PETER Two causes you championed were industrial safety and the protection of immigrants from exploitation. From your place now at home, how do you view these issues today?
JANE (LAUGHS) Humans are humans!  If they are in a position of power and think they can exploit people without having to pay them they will.
PETER How do you view the effectiveness of people's witnessing for peace in today's world?
JANE All the energy on earth is a dichotomy.  So the more people pray for peace, the more war you have, to bring the scales into balance.  If we spent our energy in saying how grateful we are for peace, it would take from the energy for war.

Toni comments: "She had a very demure energy, but it was as if there were a blow torch inside and if you turned it just the right way - look out!"

Talking with Twentieth Century Women
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