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   BABE RUTH 1895 - 1948

I didn't care where the adulation was coming from, just 
as long as I had it, just as long as I was in the limelight.
I am not young enough to know everything.

George Herman Ruth was an American Major League baseball player.  He has been named the greatest baseball player in history.

Baseball immortals

Off the field he was famous for his charity, but also was noted for his often reckless lifestyle.  His participation in an all-star tour of Japan in 1934 sparked that country's interest in professional baseball; a decade later, Japanese soldiers seeking the ultimate insult for American troops would sometimes shout, "To hell with Babe Ruth!

PETER Your father owned a tavern near the waterfront, in Baltimore, Maryland.  Your parents worked very hard and found it difficult to find time for parenting.
BABE RUTH They were possessed of an elusive dream that they could accomplish prosperity.
PETER You were a little pub kid running wild, stealing, playing hooky, chewing tobacco, and drinking whiskey.  When you were seven you were sent to live at the St. Mary's Industrial School for Boys.
BABE RUTH One of my life lessons was discipline, so I was put into a place where I would be able to examine what discipline was.  I drank heavily.
PETER Brother Matthias, the Prefect of Discipline at St. Mary's school, spent a great deal of time with you because you were so badly behaved.
BABE RUTH He was both a saint and a soul mate of mine.  He said to me: "Make the choice of whether you're going to learn this lesson or have to come back and do it again."
PETER After you were separated your first wife died in a house fire, and your daughter came to live with you.  You married Claire Hodgson, who was a widow.  She had a daughter, Julia, whom you adopted.  Your girls gave you five grandchildren in all.  What sort of father and grandfather did you become?
BABE RUTH I was a much better grandfather than father.
PETER you enjoyed instant suces as a baseball player.  You were the "Great Bambino".
BABE RUTH It went to my head.  I was a pompous jerk.
PETER Why did you get cancer in your neck and face?
BABE RUTH The neck is where the vocal cords arise.  The voice that comes out portrays the energy of the person.  I was not being truthful to myself.  The face was because I showed a face to the world that wasn't the true George Herman Ruth.
PETER In the end, did you learn all your lessons?
BABE RUTH In physical form, I did not completely learn everything I had chosen to experience.  After I left my body and went back Home , I integrated the learning so I won't have to learn them again.

Toni comments: During the most of the interview, Ruth's energy was like that of an immature child.  Latterly he became somewhat philosophical.  I could then feel a very spiritual person, but he put himself back into the persona of the body in order to give us as much of a feeling of his human life as he could.

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