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Student Plays Written and Performed Within 24 Hours

Warts and All written and Performed by Lesley Dines, Kelly Griffiths and Kevin Varty

In January 2009 as part of a Radio Drama module at the Birmingham School of Acting, I encouraged the students to work together in groups of three to write and perform their own short radio plays.

I had the following feedback

Kevin Varty

Kevin Varty: "I have been a fan of radio drama since I was a child.  I spent a lot of time in hospital and radio plays were my way of escaping the ward without actually leaving my bed.  I had some experience of recording prior to Shaun's workshop but was keen to learn more.  He did not disappoint!  He has left me with even more drive to do this as a career."

Lesley Moore

Lesley Moore: This was my first experience in radio acting and I thoroughly enjoyed it from start to finish.  I have come away from this with a craving for more. Having the pleasure to work with Shaun has inspired me and radio acting is now defiantly something i will be interested in doing after my training at Birmingham School Of Acting.  I have gained invaluable skills from Shaun which will stay with me through out my future career."

Kelly Griffiths

Kelly Siobhan Griffiths: "I hope you enjoy listening to our short radio play as much as we did producing it.  I played Cinderella/'Cindy' and 'Sleeping Beauty'.  I am a complete novice at radio acting and for writing even the simplest of plays.  However I was very happy with the final result, which Kevin, Lesley and I had worked on in such limited time. It was a pleasure working with Shaun and gaining new exciting skills that I have never been offered before.  I will definately consider working professionally in radio due to this refreshing short course."

Adelaide Obeng: "I really wanted to thank you for one of the best times I have had since being at drama school, your workshop was so informative and interesting and there was such a lovely relaxed, creative atmosphere."

Philip Duguid-McQuillan: "I also wanted to add that I greatly enjoyed your week of radio although finding it very challenging as an actor learning a new medium.  It is only a shame we cannot do more."

Elizabeth Twells

Elizabeth Twells (19): "I found it so difficult to begin with, getting the balance right between volume and intensity and especially being able to balance the pitch of our voices when in different positions around the studio.  I felt that I gradually got the hang of it and learnt a lot about how Radio is so diverse and allows so much space for imagination!  Writing the radio play was also a revealing experience; how you could write it about anything, the choices are endless."

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