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     English Wordplay ~ Listen and Enjoy


Angkor Wat

   The Principal Players

1. Maha Eysei, the Old Sage, who sees the past, the present and the future.
2. Kambu, the Prince Ascetic from India, who doubles as Jayavarman II, Suryavarman I, 
3. Mera, the greatest of the Apsaras,  who doubles as Sita from The Reamker.  
    If we can find an outstanding Apsara dancer, who can also perform the English speaking role  
    of Mera,this would be a great bonus.   She will also play Queen Jayavarman.
4. The Dragon Princess and Fishing Cat.
5. Naga, the Dragon King, doubles as Indravarman, Genghis Khan, Kublai Khan, etc.
6. The Brahmin Priest doubles as The Buddhist Monk.
7. Zhou Da Guan, the Chinese Chronicler.
8. The boy, who will become Jayavarman VII.


  1. These actors will assume many different roles as the play progresses.
  2. Dancers and extras will also perform many roles, manipulating props, bands of silk, etc.
  3. Musicians will sometimes be visible.
  4. The back projected images will often have a hypnotic quality.
  5. The screen on which they are projected will occasionally also act as a shadow puppet screen.
  6. Apsara Dancers will either be creatively integrated into the action, or there may be some short Apsara dance interludes, illustrating for example relevant excerpts from The Reamker or from The Churning of the Sea of Milk.
  7. The Clarity and Attraction of the English Spoken Word, both technically and in the training of the actors, will be supremely important.

The stage is backed by a large screen that will serve two purposes:

  1. Back projection for images.
  2. Shadow puppet screen.

   Continue to the Prologue and the Beginning of the Play.

© 2013 Shaun MacLoughlin

If you are interested in this project, please contact Shaun MacLoughlin 
at shaunmacl@yahoo.com

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