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RACHEL CARSON    1907 - 1964

It was as if I could transport myself into the environments
I wrote about, so it was a living, breathing thing to me.
Rachel Carson

An American marine biologist and nature writer.

The Sea Around Us won her financial security and recognition as a gifted writer.  Her next book, The Edge of the Sea, and the republished version of her first book, Under the Sea Wind, were also bestsellers

Rachel Carson Introduction

Silent Spring spurred a reversal in national pesticide policy leading to a nationwide ban on DDT and other pesticides.

PETER You were born on a farm in Pennsylvania, where animals roamed, the birds still sang in field and forest, and where your mother taught you to look deep into rivers and ponds to see the life that was in them.
CARSON I was raised with an appreciation for every living thing upon the planet.  I was given insight into the interconnectedness between what the two-footed human did and how it affected not only the animals but Mother Earth herself.  I had a reverence for the higher purpose in everything that is on this planet earth, and to know that nothing exists in its own little vacuum.
PETER Did your past lives help you to become a marine biologist?
CARSON Except for the life when I lived as a dolphin, I wasn't conscious of any past lives that had to do with it.  My life as a dolphin like was very peaceful, an existence of community and of a shared consciousness, of being able to feel, almost in the way I do now as a soul, that I am interconnected with everything that is.  Dolphins are the librarians and the historians of this planet.  They did not evolve on this planet.  They came from a galaxy named Ashfar that is a water planet.  They and the whales came down here around the time of what you know as Atlantis, a time of transition for humankind. They provided the information on how to commingle the species upon the planet.  They knew what would be needed, and what would help to facilitate the growth of your current species.


In places such as Sedona, Arizona, they have found dolphin skeletal remains.  Dolphins also tried to keep the consciousness of the planet and to keep the spiritual connection with soul alive.  When man became very "third-dimensional," only concerned with the ego, only concerned with physical desires and wants, the dolphins kept the purity of spirituality alive.  Those who communicated with them in their environment felt that spirituality.  They felt their connection to the Creator, to the interconnection, the web of all that exists.

Toni: She just showed me dynamic energy going from place to place, and a web that appears to connect everybody, as if individual beings were like little dots or little spiders upon this huge web.

PETER Tell us about the state of the waters and marine life on planet Earth now.
CARSON There are a lot of transitions.  There is pollution, where whole bodies of water have been irreparably destroyed due to the run-off of chemicals and toxins.  Mother Earth is doing everything that she can.  When things need to to be reclaimed, she helps with an earthquake, a tsunami, a volcano, a nice storm.
PETER Can you forgive the chemical industry corporations?
CARSON Oh, absolutely!  Everybody was just doing what they came to planet Earth to experience.
PETER Do children's mercury-based vaccinations cause autism?
CARSON In a very small percentage.  In some cases of autism the the soul is more connected still to its spiritual side, to the Other Side, than it is to the physical body

Toni comments: Rachel was a fantastic, loving soul.  There was no sense of her trying to be more than she was, or trying to change the thoughts that people had about her.  When she spoke of the planet, and marine life, I had a vision of being in the water communing with the fishes, swimming around as a part of it. It was almost like being projected into a village, but the whole village was of marine life, which gave me a sense of comfort and relaxation and enjoyment.

Peter comments: She gave a flavour of how the universe can move animal species between galaxies, and of the role played by dolphins as record keepers of life on our planet.

If such remarks might be thought to smack of New Age fantasy, they must be read in the context of a passionate, very down-to-Earth account of the horrors of pollution, and the havoc wrought by chemicals on Earth's environment and on human life.

Talking with Twentieth Century Women
The foregoing are excerpts from Talking with Twentieth Century Women.
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After these dialogues have taken place, each month Toni and Peter host a different soul and ask the question: What does Life Awareness mean to you?  May 2009's guest was Rachel Carson.

Making the Best of These Times

Life Awareness, to me, means an affinity or connection with the energy of the Earth and all the living creatures which inhabit her.  When I walked the planet in a physical body I could feel the life force of everything around me.  I sensed when they were hurting, at peace, or ecstatic.  I cried when the toxins and pollutants were mixed with the purity of nature because they were at first annoying and then deadly to all living things.  I spent a good portion of my adult life bringing notice to these destructive practices and the longer-range effects they created.

Now I monitor the souls currently fighting the same battles in which I participated.  I try to infuse them with energy to sustain their efforts.  Mother Earth is tired of being scourged and is fighting back with tremors, eruptions, and winds.  Become aware of life and soothe her troubled brow.  Every effort you engage in to stop and reverse her agony will be rewarded with a better life for all.  Be aware that every action you perform affects the energy of everything around you.  Love begets love.

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