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MARIE CURIE 1867-1934

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love makes all things easy
The highlight of my work with Pierre
was being able to be with him every day

She was born Maria Slodowska in Warsaw.  At the age of 24 she emigrated from Russian dominated Poland to France and became a French citizen.

Above all - a Woman

She and her husband, Pierre, worked on magnetism and radiocativity and discovered radium.  Together they won a Nobel prize in 1903.

In 1906 Pierre was run over by a horse-drawn drey and died instantly.

She became the first female professor at the Sorbonne and in 1911 she won another Nobel prize, this time for chemistry.

PETER What for you was the special appeal of France?
MARIE Women were given the freedom to go forward into activities such as science.  Also there was a sense of romance - being near the water and having the free-flowing energy that was there.
PETER You lost first your sister and then your mother when you were quite young.
MARIE This forced me inwards.  I became totally immersed in books.  I took care of my depression by filling myself with exciting new ideas.
PETER Had you had lives before which contributed to your skill as a scientist?
MARIE Some of them had to with spiritual studies.  I was also a very skilled pick-pocket when once I was a gypsy.  This made me yearn to be part of a group.  I also did early mathematics which I studied with Copernicus.
PETER Do you know why Pierre died so young?
MARIE He died as an agreement between us, so that I might go beyond even where I had been.
PETER Tell us about reality.
MARIE A reality for a soul is the illusion you create in a moment.  My illusion at one time was Roman Catholic, then it became first atheistic and later agnostic.  My illusion now is what some call spirituality - that spirit is in everything and is interconnected.

Peter comments: "If the above seems foreign to you, please persevere.  Perhaps we should recall the scripture: "For now we see through a glass darkly, but then face to face" (1. Cor. 13.12)

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