Union Jack

     English Wordplay ~ Listen and Enjoy

Five Sides of a Circle

by Neville Boundy

Design Alan Coveney

Eventually the four Gospel writers meet

The Prologue: Timothy on the way to Rome
  1.   The Prologue

  2.   MARK

  3.   MATTHEW

  4.   LUKE

  5.   A Prelude to John

  6.   JOHN


Timothy Chris Donnelly
Mark Jacob Dylan Thomas
Benjamin Dan Winter
Matthew Paul Currier
Luke Paul Nicholson
John Andrew Collins
Singers Alex Clissold-Jones, Sebastian Field, Andrew Marshall and Tim Parker (Lay Clerks from Bristol Cathedral)
Directed by Shaun MacLoughlin
Studio Manager Ian Humphries
Editor Tom Bennett
Recorded at Christchurch Studios, Bristol
This play is dedicated to all those, who have not read any of the gospels, because 
they have met too many of us who do.
photo Graham Burke

The first production was at the Tobacco Factory Theatre, Bristol, UK, directed by Elwyn Johnson. From left: Jacob Dylan Thomas as Mark, Paul Currier as Matthew, Dan Winter as Benjamin, Chris Donnelly as Timothy, Roland Oliver, who played Luke in the original production, and Andrew Collins as John.

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