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     English Wordplay ~ Listen and Enjoy

THE HEALING ARTS by Le Duy Hanh, directed by Shaun MacLoughlin

The play is inspired by Shakespeare's Othello and by the Vietnamese, 18th Century Classic, The Tales of Kieu

Quoc Thao as the Chorus, holding the vilains' masks of Iago and Ho Ton Hien

In each of these works there is a hero or heroine - Othello or Kieu - a victim - Desdemona or Tu Hai - and a villain - Iago or Ho Ton Hien.

The play combines Western and traditional Vietnamese theatrical styles. enthusistically It is performed in English by Vietnam's leading actors and by the Saigon Dance School.

It opened at the Small Stage Theatre Company, 5b Vo Van Tan Street, Saigon in 2001

It was commented upon enthusiastically by the multinational United Nations Peace Meditation Group and in November 2002 was chosen to represent Vietnam at the first International Experimental Festival in Hanoi.

Shaun had great fun coaching the Vietnamese actors to speak clear and attractive Shakespearian English.

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