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Hopkins loved Our Lady. I therefore dedicate these pages to her namesake, my beloved daughter, Mary. Hopkins aged 15 Hopkins as a Jesuit Priest


His Life through his Poetry

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TRACK 19: Experimentation

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However that Hopkins was not continuously unhappy during the last four years of his life is proved by the bold experimentation and sensuous nature poetry as Harry Ploughman and That Nature is a Heraclitean Fire.

Harry Ploughman

HARD as hurdle arms, with a broth of goldish flue
Breathed round; the rack of ribs; the scooped flank; lank
Rope-over thigh; knee-nave; and barrelled shank -
          Head and foot, shoulder and shank -
By a grey eye's heed steered well, one crew, fall to;
Stand at stress. Each limb's barrowy brawn, his thew
That onewhere curded, onewhere sucked or sank -
               Soared or sank -,
Though as a beechbole firm, finds his, as at a roll-
     call, rank
And features, in flesh, what deed he each must do -
          His sinew-service where do.

He leans to it, Harry bends, look. Back, elbow, and
     liquid waist
In him, all quail to the wallowing o' the plough:
     's cheek crimsons; curls
Wag or crossbridle, in a wind lifted, windlaced -
          See his wind-lilylocks-laced;
Churlsgrace, too, child of Amansstrength, how it hangs
     or hurls
Them--broad in bluff hide his frowning feet lashed! raced
With, along them, cragiron under and cold furls -
          With-a-fountain's shining-shot furls.

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