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Hopkins loved Our Lady. I therefore dedicate these pages to her namesake, my beloved daughter, Mary. Hopkins aged 15 Hopkins as a Jesuit Priest


His Life through his Poetry

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TRACK 8: On a Piece of Music

Read by Claire Marchionne
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How all's to one thing wrought !
The members, how they sit !
O what a tune the thought 
Must be that fancied it.

Nor angel insight can 
Learn how the heart is hence :
Since all the make of man 
Is law's indifference.

Who shaped these walls has shewn 
The music of his mind, Made known, 
though thick through stone 
What beauty beat behind.


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We recommend the Oxford Edition and in particular Sean Street's account of The Wreck of the Deutschland, which he was inspired to write from hearing my production of Paul Scofield's reading for BBC Radio 3.  We also highly recommend Gerard Manley Hopkins: A Study of Poetic Idiosyncrasy in Relation to Poetic Tradition by Professor Helen Gardner: