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Begin to be now what you will be hereafter
God is not a separate, independent being, 
as religions would have you believe, 
but we - each soul, each creation, each part of creation -
have the force within us to create and to manifest.

He was born into a wealthy intellectual, Swedenborgian New York family, the brother of novelist, Henry James.  He studied mathematics and science and in 1865 went on a scientific expedition up the Amazon.

At Harvard in 1876 he established the first experimental psychology laboratory in America.  He enjoyed a stable, happy ,marriage and had four sons and one daughter.

His Principles of Psychology cemented his reputation as America's leading psychologist.  He was the first American to recognize the work of Sigmund Freud.

In Europe, convalescing from a painful heart condition, he delivered the Gifford lectures at Edinburgh University, which were published as The Varieties of Religious Experience (1902).

In A Pluralistic Universe he explored the possibility of a "science of religion", sensing that the metaphysical world of religious experience was a real human experience, although inaccessible to conventional science.

PETER I am concerned by the use of the term "karma".
JAMES The karma that we know best is from the eastern philosophies, where it is stated that karma effects everything you do in your next lifetime, which is phooey.  The only thing I find amusing with different definitions of karma is that people might come back as lesser beings.  People only return as cockroaches if they choose to!
PETER You said that some sick souls never get well, while others recover or even triumph; these are "twice-born."
JAMES Some souls do not triump in one lifetime, because they are so deep in their lessons that they must go onto another life to get out of the depths in which they have placed themselves.
PETER Is there such a thing as Satan - a personal opponent to the Godhead?
JAMES It was with the blessing of the Creator that Satan came into existence, so that souls would be able to experience the depths of degredation as opposed to the goodness of the Creator.
PETER Are there other worlds in which a negative atmosphere also exists?
JAMES Not as it does on earth, where everything has a polarity.  There are planets where there is just lust, or just pride for people to go and experience.
PETER You discussed St. Augustine, Bunyan and Tolstoy and other popular evangelists and the "state of assurance" they achieved.
JAMES The "state of assurance" is a reconnection with the tranquility of the soul while you are still in human form.  While in human form I never achieved this.  I longed for it as I met others already there, but I was not willing to give up the machinations of my mind in order to go into my heart.

Toni comments: William James relished being able to debunk his earthly egotism, and was compelling in his thoroughly humble attitude.  I sensed his awe at how no one in physical form can begin to understand the 'completeness of being' on the Other Side, or the unconditional love of the Creator.

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