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     English Wordplay ~ Listen and Enjoy

BARBARA JORDAN    1936 - 1996
Words are magical. 
Words paint pictures in the minds of people, and if you put 
your own colouration into the words, you have captured 
the imagination and the heart of your listener

An American politician from Texas.  She served as a congresswoman in the United States House of Representatives from 1973 to 1979.

She was mentioned as a possible running mate to Jimmy Carter in 1976.  She became the first African-American woman to deliver the keynote address at the Democratic National Convention.  Her speech was considered by many historians to have been the best convention keynote speech in modern history until the 2004 keynote by Barack Obama.

She retired from politics in 1979 and became an adjunct professor teaching ethics at the University of Texas.

PETER: You won a national Baptist church oratory contest and awards at high school for your skill as an orator. You become a first-class debater at university.  What inspired you to develop that skill?
JORDAN: To me it was going into a world where you could have - I don't like the word "control," but you could have direction over how people perceived what was going on.
PETER: How do you see the proclamation by a president, for example, that he is guided by God?
JORDAN: (LAUGHS) All souls have a connection to the God-Source, so all souls are empowered by the God-Source, not just one who will stand on a soapbox and proclaim it.
PETER: How much detail of our life on planet Earth are you able to see from your place now at Home in the Spirit World?
JORDAN: As much as we want.  We can tap into everything.
PETER: Thoughts?  Conversations?
JORDAN: Normally because of propriety we don't.  We allow the souls to have some sense of privacy within their thoughts.  But even if we do tap into thoughts, we don't interact, so it's in most cases sort of like tuning into a dumb sitcom.
PETER: Are there any other inhabited planets that you monitor?
JORDAN: Yes.  They have different types of existences from that on planet Earth.  Planet Earth is the only one that is in the total duality stage at this time.

Toni comments: Very powerful energy!  Barbara was very particular about the words being used.  There were times when a lexicon of words flashed in front of me, almost like a computer screen, as if there were a selection available of exactly the proper and most powerful word to use.

Peter comments: As we finished and had switched off the tape recorder, I asked about other lives the soul had lived.  In the Elizabethan era it had lived the life of Sir Francis Bacon.  That plus Plato - wow!

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