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JOHN LENNON    1940-1980

There was this sense that I had 
of the nearness of a transition back Home ...  
somebody with a gun ready to send me off. 
I did not care whether people hated me or not.
 Lennon rehearsing 'Give Peace a Chance' in Montreal in 1969

John Winston Ono Lennon was an English rock musician, singer, songwriter, and peace activist who gained worldwide fame as one of the founding members of The Beatles.  With Paul McCartney, Lennon formed one of the most influential and successful songwriting partnerships of the 20th century.

Give Peace a Chance

He revealed a rebellious nature, and biting wit, in his music, on film, in books, and at press conferences and interviews.  After The Beatles, Lennon enjoyed a successful solo career with such acclaimed albums as John Lennon/Plastic Ono Band and Imagine and iconic songs such as Give Peace a Chance and Imagine.  After a self-imposed "retirement" from 1976 to 1980, Lennon reemerged with a comeback album, Double Fantasy, but was murdered less than one month after its release.

PETER You were born in Liverpool and named John Winston Lennon after Winston Churchill, Britain's wartime leader.  Was your later name change a tribute to your wife, Yoko Ono?
LENNON Yes.  My name change was not a criticism of a leader, who was also a tremendous orator.  My pacifism was a protest on behalf of the small people, who but were the refuse that the victors and the defeated pushed before them.
PETER Your parents separated when you were very young.
LENNON I found a love within the music that I didn't feel I got from my parents.
PETER You and Paul McCartney met at a gig in a local church.
LENNON There was the same intensity and sadness within him, and also the same hope that I was beginning to feel.  When George Harrison joined us, our group began to open up.  It was as if a blossom started to enfold us.  Then we signed Brian Epstein as manager.  He was a true visionary.  He could read the energy between people; he knew what worked.  Finally Ringo Starr joined The Beatles.  He brought to us a sense of discipline, because although he could take off and do a reel like no one else, he showed us that we could put individuality into the pieces, but still be a group.
PETER Money started pouring in; teenage girls were screaming; alcohol, drugs, and sex were plentiful.
LENNON I'd only thought of myself as a bloke off the streets, and now I was given anything I wanted, and I wanted everything.  I was really a bore.  Part of me suspected I was a loser, and the other part thought I was God Almighty.  It was the beginning of a self-realization that took many years to accomplish.
PETER How much did LSD affect your mind?
LENNON For a period I was pretty fried.  I would have hallucinations.  But I saw a beauty.  It was like stripping off the mask of being human and sensing a little bit of the unconditional love that comes from Home.
PETER You got into serious trouble by saying, "Christianity will go.  We're more popular than Jesus now."
LENNON (LAUGHS) I see a soul in human form influenced by the extreme egotism that can come from a little bit of fame and money.  Now I see it simply as reaching the height of humanness so that I then could feel the richness and the depth of my soul.
PETER How do you see God now?
LENNON I would say we all are God - that each soul comes down to Earth to learn about the difference between being God and being something else, so that the magnificence of that sense can become known.  There are a number of enlightened beings, who come to show us the way.  So that the words of Jesus or Mohammed or any great prophet have to be viewed in the context of the time.  You do not talk to a four-year-old with the same language you use to a 24-year-old or a 64-year-old.  You take their experience and use that as a lexicon for the language.
PETER In 1966 the Beatles stopped, complaining that the huge, screaming crowds drowned out the music.
LENNON We were beginning to know that our message, contained within our art, was a vibrational pathway that some could use to learn more about themselves.
PETER You fell in love with Yoko Ono and soon after left The Beatles.
LENNON Yoko did not see me as a Beatle, scurrying about, trying to excite the young girls.  She saw my soul.  She brought with her a peace and a tranquility that I had never before experienced, and a place in which I wished to reside.  
PETER You said that if everyone demanded peace instead of another television set, there would be peace.  What can ordinary people do to bring peace to the troubled world?
LENNON Well, it's a little like prayer.  If everybody prays for peace in the duality of the Earth plane, they are saying the energy of war is present.  But if, instead, they start living their lives with the energy of peace, if they accept that everybody has an opinion that they don't have to refute, that is taking away war energy and creating peace energy.

Toni comments: When we were discussing his five years as a house-husband, the emotions were coming through so strongly about the love he had for his family, for his son, that there were tears welling up in my eyes from the change in his emotions.  It was like a metamorphosis from an ugly caterpillar just scraping along to a beautiful butterfly that not only was pleasing to the eye, but created a wave with its wings that began to have an impact on people in a quieting way.  The symbolism and the energy behind the entire interview were just fantastic.

After these dialogues have taken place, each month Toni and Peter host a different soul and ask the question: What does Life Awareness mean to you?  June 2009's guest was John Lennon.

Making the Best of These Times

Where to begin … As John Lennon I experienced the gamut of possibilities for a soul from villain, abuser, addict, self proclaimed god, to self aware soul.  Life Awareness. Org is my peace movement, my search for connection to Source and purpose.  When a soul living a human life recalls, who they truly are, they bring into that lifetime all the magnificence that is their essence.

During my lifetime I did not feel my soul until after I met Ono.  In the peace of her being, she taught me to go within and connect.

LAO assists all souls to find that path. Isn’t it nice to have a blueprint for success?  They provide it for you.  Had it existed in my time I would have still had to go through most of the phases because they had been my desired life-lessons, but I could have had a kinder, gentler transition into awareness.

Awareness is a music that allows you to ride upon rails of harmony and understanding right into “the promised land” of communion with the Universe.  Sit back and feel the rhythms of understanding, union and Oneness.  Come join in my song!

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