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MARGARET MEAD    1901 - 1978

Souls are here to learn the lessons they choose,
and those may have sexual aspects to them
that are not what society thinks is normal.
Margaret Mead

An American cultural anthropologist, who was both a popularizer of the insights of anthropology into modern Western culture, and also a respected academic anthropologist.

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Her reports about the purportedly healthy attitude towards sex in South Pacific and Southeast Asian traditional cultures amply informed the 1960s sexual revolution.  She was a champion of broadened sexual mores within a context of traditional western religious life.

PETER What did each of your parents give you?
MEAD My mother gave me a sense of tolerance and an ability to examine all of the energies surrounding a situation - not to take things at initial face value, but to know there is something deep beneath the surface.  From my father I inherited fire.  He instilled in me the possibility of going beyond whatever others had done.
PETER How do you view anthropology's, contribution to our cultural understanding today?
MEAD Studying the motivation behind a culture that is diametrically opposed to your own, being able to feel the reason that these individuals take a different path, allows you to become totally open to whatever exists in the world, to be able to have an interplay with it, to understand it, to accept it.  It also puts people, if they enter the feeling of it, into a place where they recognize the soul as the basis within all humans that makes us all the same.
PETER The National Catholic Register suggested that your findings were projections of your desire to eliminate restrictions on your own sexuality.
MEAD They could not imagine a place where people did not fear sex, did not fear someone seeing the naked body.  To a people where nudity was normal and just the way they grew up, there was no sexual response simply because of the presence of a naked body.  There had to be the initiation of a flirtation.
PETER Can you say now what are desirable norms for human sexuality?
MEAD That has to be determined by each individual person.  It has to be determined by the pathway that that soul is walking upon in the physical life now being experienced.  We cannot say for other souls what is right or wrong or normal.  Souls are here to learn the lessons they choose.  Those may have sexual aspects to them that are not what society thinks is normal.
PETER You wrote, "If we are to achieve a richer culture, we must recognize the whole gamut of human potentialities."  Looking at the world now, what is our greatest success and greatest need in this respect?
MEAD The greatest need is for people to recognize their individuality; avoiding someone - some group - telling them not only what to do, but even what to think.  The greatest success that individuals can have is to recognize the power within themselves.  Those whom society might call Spiritualists are living through their hearts and souls, feeling for themselves, and not just complying with the expected.
PETER If you were to leave Home now and reincarnate, what issue would you most like to tackle?
MEAD The environment and cutting down the pollution of the planet, and easing the pressure put upon the various plates of Mother Earth that doesn't allow her to stretch, and when she does stretch, results in devastation and loss of life.
PETER From which there is no retreat?
MEAD The energy needed to prevent this occurrence is right there on the planet.  That is the energy of the creative power inside of all the mass of people that inhabit the planet.  If they were to organize with their intention of changing their over-consumptive ways, this could be slowed and, in some cases, even prevented.

Toni comments: Margaret had a highly polished energy.  It was almost as if she knew what the questions were going to be and had decided exactly how she was going to respond.

Peter comments: I had expected a great deal of comment on issues of human sexuality, but the dynamic behind Margaret's concern for Mother Earth proved to be stronger.  It was as if sexuality were a discussion from the past but the crisis of global warming and the list of disasters - that was for real!

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