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GOLDA MEIR 1898 - 1978

I did the best I was capapable of doing.
I always gave my physical all to whatever was going on.
love makes all things easy Sadat and the old lady - Golda Meir - 1977

Golda Meir was the fourth prime minister of the State of Israel.  She was elected on 17 March 1969, after serving as Minister of Labour and Foreign Minister.  Israel's first and the world's third female to hold such an office, she was described as the "Iron Lady" of Israeli politics years before the epithet became associated with British prime minister Margaret Thatcher.  Former prime minister David Ben-Gurion used to call her "the best man in the government"; she was often portrayed as the "strong-willed, straight-talking, gray-bunned grandmother of the Jewish people".

PETER On May 14, 1948 you were one of the 24 people who signed the Declaration of the Establishment of the State of Israel.
MEIR It was the fulfillment of a dream, not only for me but for all of the immigrants who had hope of having a homeland, of being able to have a place that represented our way of life, our beliefs, that gave us a stability-a place to call "home."
PETER When a soul has been involved in a major enterprise like yours, does it come down again or is it employed permanently in other activities?
MEIR It's simply a matter of choice.  There are so many things going on at this time on your planet.  For me, I am choosing to be a spectator now.  Were I down on the Earth again I would have a very small idea of what is going on.
PETER What's your feeling about the immediate future for the Earth?
MEIR Planet Earth is going through a transformation.  It's also fulfilling some of the biblical predictions for the planet.  Those of you on the planet right now chose to be around for the fireworks.  Me?  I chose to be in the grandstand.
PETER What kind of government is running things at Home where you are now?
MEIR We have no government.  We don't need one because a government implies that there is right and there is wrong.  Such a duality only exists where you live.  Here, energetically, we are all connected.  Most of the time up here, unless we choose, we don't have individual bodies, but an amorphous energy that is anywhere and everywhere we choose to focus.  So, with everybody knowing what everybody else is thinking, there can be no plotting or planning.
PETER You were called the "Iron Lady" of Israeli politics long before the epithet was given to Margaret Thatcher.  Was it your experience of Russian oppression as a little girl, or the influence of your strong father and of Sheyna, your radical elder sister, that put metal into your soul?
MEIR It was a combination of all.  I had very good role models and I chose to come down into a strong family so that I would have a pattern for self-development.
PETER You once said, "Above all, this country is our own. Arab sovereignty in Jerusalem just cannot be." From your perspective at Home now, was it fair to the Palestinian Arab population, to create the State of Israel and to form new boundaries by openly annexing captured lands?
MEIR [LAUGHS] It totally depends upon your perspective (even from my perspective at Home), because everything that was accomplished was done for various parties to add to the experiences that they already had.  So it played out exactly as it needed to play out.  All souls are identical at Home.  They just have different costumes that they wear as they play different roles.
PETER Is it a good policy today to throw a wall around the State of Israel?
MEIR No.  A wall says, "I am intolerant."  A wall says, "I will not participate in anything other than my game."  It's like a little boy taking his ball and going home in the middle of an organized match.
PETER Golda, 60 years after its founding, Israel today is still not free from trouble.  What policy would you now follow to realize your dreams for a Jewish homeland at peace?
MEIR For a nation to be totally at peace, we needed to create a homeland, where so many peoples did not coalesce at one place.  This would not have been accepted by those who felt that the only place to build a city was in the place of our Holy of Holies.  Through the centuries, the vortex of energy in Israel drew to it Islam and many of the Christian sects.  This said there would be a fight.
PETER Is Israel in danger of annihilation?
MEIR One day the answer would be "yes," the next day the answer would be "maybe," and the third day the answer would be "no."
PETER What can we do about it?
MEIR We can only encourage people to go into their hearts, to connect with their souls, to find that spark within them which is unconditional love, and know that is all that any of us are.  If that can be acknowledged, we can all co-exist - with a multitude of languages, a multitude of customs, a multitude of religious parameters - on the head of a pin, in peace.

Toni comments: An extremely powerful woman with a dynamism about her - but it was understated.  I could feel her pulled in a dozen different directions at once, trying to create something that was for the good of all.

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