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Mount Stuart Primary, Cardiff

The Dreams of Martin Luther King

Martin Luther King

Christian Roberts the class teacher at Mount Stuart described the writing of The Dreams of Martin Luther King from his and the children's perspective:

"The children were curiously excited as they entered the class.  Lots of radio equipment had taken the place of the plastic books/pens/ruler boxes and this increased the excited chatter.  Steph, the student teacher, and I calmed the kids and introduced them to Shaun, Tom and Jesse.  Initially they were slow to join in, but as Shaun described that they could create pretty much anything, their ideas began to flow.  Tom showed them how to create the sound of wind and they began to fire questions and suggestions as to how they also could create many different sounds.

The kids then listened to excerpts of radio plays, and began to suggest ideas of an almost stream of conscious supply.  Their ideas were excellent and the best were incorporated into the play. The children benefited from this project, by learning that through imagination, language and sound effects they can translate their dreams and ideas into a finished production, which they can keep as a record of their achievement."

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