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Many people would sooner die than think
Now that I have been connected back to the Source, 
I know I am immortal.  I would not be in a position to speak 
with you today, if I were not immortal.
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He was orphaned at the age of three and brought up by his grandmother.  At Trinity College, Cambridge he obtained a first class degree with distinction in philosophy.  At seventeen he married an American Quaker, but he had numerous affairs and they parted in 1902.  In 1910 he published his first important book, The Principles of Mathematics.

During World War I he took an active part in the No Conscription Fellowship and in 1918 for writing a pacifist article, he was imprisoned in Brixton jail, where he wrote Introduction to Mathematical Philosophy.

Face to Face

With his second wife, Dora Black, by whom he had a son, he opened a school for young children, as a radical educational experiment.

From 1938 he taught in the States.  His popular History of Western Philosophy, based on his lectures, was published in 1945. On returning home he taught at Cambridge and became a popular broadcaster and journalist.

During his last two decades he campaigned for nuclear disarmament, peace in Vietnam and other issues of personal freedom.

PETER You wrote, "It's impossible to know the truth in matters such as God, and the future life, in which religions are concerned."
RUSSELL It was presumptuous of me to to categorize the thinking of all souls, because of the descriptive title with which they associate.
PETER You said there were insufficient grounds for the affirmation or denial of the person of God.
RUSSELL That was me giving other people a chance to make their own free choices.
PETER Do you see God affecting our conduct?
RUSSELL The various religions each portray their god in such a way as to establish the rules and regulations of the age, to be followed by their group of people.
PETER The agnostic is not as certain as some, of what is good and evil.
RUSSELL Only because he has no written formula to rely upon.
PETER Does evil exist where you are now?
RUSSELL You cannot do evil in soul form.
PETER As an agnostic you did not believe a man has a soul.  What do you think now?
RUSSELL Now that I have been connected back to the Source, I know I am immortal.  That is why I can speak to you today.

Toni comments: I felt throughout the channeling, as if Russell were still there addressing the crowd in Trafalgar Square.  But now his words are based on his actual experiences from Home, and they came across humbly, with sincerity, and with a conviction that the dialogues should be heard and understood by the people they reached.  He also felt like a rabble rouser who wanted to get people out of their complacency and into their feeling heart.

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