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Margaret Sanger with her two sons, from the cover of her book, Woman and the New Race
It is ironic that some of my most worthwhile experiences
 in past lives had been as some of the people,
 I thought should be eliminated.

Born in Corning, New York, the sixth of eleven children in an Irish stonemason's family, she escaped poverty by training as a nurse.

Sensitive to the effect of unwelcome pregnancies, she wrote a newspaper column on sex education, What Every Girl Should Know.  Because women had difficulty obtaining birth control advice and devices, and often resorted to dangerous abortions, she challenged the U.S. law that made it illegal to mail "obscene or lascivious books" and prohibited the dessemination of contraceptive information.

Margaret Sanger

In The Woman Rebel a monthly paper she advocated birth control and was indicted.  She jumped bail and fled to England for a year.  In 1915 she returned to face charges.  Her five year old daughter, Peggy died suddenly and in a wave of sympathy the charges were dropped.

In the twenties, attracted by the idea of using birth control to reduce genetically transmitted mental or physical defects, she became associated with the eugenics movement and was accused of advocating limiting population on the basis of class, ethnicity or race.

Shortly before her death the Supreme Court declared birth control legal for married couples.

PETER Do you seeing woman as "breeding stock" in parts of today's society?
MARGARET Now the need to have able-minded bodies as farmers or herders, and for bringing in the neccessities of life, is reduced.
PETER How do you see the relationship of husbands and wives as regarding family planning?
MARGARET I would have thrived in the modern age, where men and women can jointly decide to bring a child into the world, with the understanding that the man will participate in its upbringing, even with nappy changing and night feeding.  In my day the man simply provided the sperm and was not concerned with the offspring till it reached five or older.
PETER Do you see a child's spiritual needs being met in a day care situation?
MARGARET Some souls, before they come down into the body of a child, choose a broad experience, where in a day care situation they can interact with a lot of people.  Others choose to feel being abandoned and unloved.
PETER What's your view of the "morning-after" pill?
MARGARET [LAUGHS] It's a good thing for those who are not ready to experience parenthood, before they couple.
PETER Your concern was that "children should not be born to parents whose economic circumstances did not guarantee them with enough to provide them with the necessities of life".
MARGARET I was trying to do exactly what husbands were doing.  I now know that it is not my place to dictate the experiences of others.
PETER Your critics state you were in favour of eugenics - controlling the reproduction of various races.
MARGARET I had a little bit of an elitist sensibility concerning white Anglo-Saxon Protestants!  It is ironic that some of my most worthwhile experiences in past lives had been as some of the people, I thought should be eliminated.
PETER Is global warming going to get worse?
MARGARET There are lots of things that will affect the Earth's natural resources.  The positions of the planets lining up across the galaxy will have an effect.
PETER What can we do to help ourselves?
MARGARET Tap into your own energy - the part of your soul that is part of creation inside you - to shift what is going on.  If enough force is applied to the patterns, they can be halted.

Toni comments: I had a vivid impression of a huge tavern with an enormous fire and groups of people sitting and talking.  Margaret Sanger was the most earthy of those we have so far interviewed.

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