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A biograpphy wth a poet's insight Oxford Introduction considers the mysteries of the dark lady

The Life and Times of William Shakespeare by Peter Levi: This sonnet has continuous momentum, the sustained, single rhythm that later becomes a vehicle of passion, but here the tone is light.

The Oxford Complete Sonnets and Poems edited by Colin Burrows: under-eye is a mortal, who lives beneath the sun.

Pilgrim to St. James of Compostela
Pilgrim to
St. James of
Lo! in the orient when the gracious light
Lifts up his burning head, each under eye
Doth homage to his new-appearing sight,
Serving with looks his sacred majesty; 
And having climb'd the steep-up heavenly hill,
Resembling strong youth in his middle age,
Yet mortal looks adore his beauty still,
Attending on his golden pilgrimage:
But when from highmost pitch, with weary car,
Like feeble age, he reeleth from the day,
The eyes, 'fore duteous, now converted are
From his low tract, and look another way:
  So thou, thyself outgoing in thy noon:
  Unlook'd on, diest unless thou get a son.
Read by Claire Marchionne
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