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St Cuthbert's Catholic Primary School, Cardiff

Tornado to Oakworld

Damien Murphy the class teacher at St. Cuthbert's summed up the value of the exercise:

Tornado to Oakenworld

"Involving the children in radio drama has been an absolute dream.  Not only was I able to combine the National Curriculum literacy demands of speaking and listening, writing and reading, it has also given the children a first hand insight into the world of entertainment and media.  It has given them self worth and self esteem.

The advantages of radio over television in developing imagination cannot be overstated.  Too many children today are forced to be the passive receivers of others' images.  Creating a radio play on CD and on the Internet, professionally arranged and recorded, has enabled the children to celebrate their success.

Their families, friends and the wider community have marvelled at what the children have achieved in working with others.  This fosters not only confidence, but positive social reinforcement, which is so needed in some of our societies today."

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