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from the Tarot of Marseilles

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13. Death

I certainly know the logical, philosphical and psychological criticism of the Cartesian argument, cogito ergo sum ( I think therefore I am) and I accept it without reserve in foro scientiae (before the court of science), but it was not the force of this argument in the tribunal of science which gave René Descartes certainty of his transcendent Self.

The kernel of his being, but rather the experience in the tribunal of consciousness (in foro conscientiae) where, whilst thinking in the admirable way which was characteristic of him, he went out of discursive thought and found himself as the thinker of thoughts! It was therefore not a logical argument but a real and intimate experience of thought - in the process of thinking - which gave Descartes complete certainty of the reality of the "I am" which manifests itself in the "I think".

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