Union Jack

     English Wordplay ~ Listen and Enjoy

   SAM WALTON 1918-1992

My plan was not to drive people
out of business.  My plan was to benefit and to provide
for the needs of thousands.

An American businessman and entrepreneur who founded the American retailer Wal-Mart.

PETER: You were Missouri's youngest-ever Eagle Scout.  What did scouting mean to you?
WALTON: It meant finding out about myself, being able to integrate life into my persona.  It forced me to look at things that I possibly wouldn't have looked at, different crafts, and different ways of doing business.  It also promoted a very strong loyalty to the idea of service to others.
PETER: Did you and Helen, your wife, have an understanding while you were on Earth of the previous lifetime?
WALTON: Although we didn't believe in reincarnation at the time very much, we had a number of joint déjà vu feelings, where we would talk about having done things together.
PETER: Your son John transitioned recently.  Have your souls been in contact since he came Home? Yes.  I met him at the cross-over and it was - there's such a closeness between us - it was like a family reunion in more ways than being around the table and sharing a turkey; it was an energetic reunion.  Of course, he's been aware that I have been looking over his shoulder since I've been up here. (LAUGHS)

After these dialogues have taken place, each month Toni and Peter host a different soul and ask the question: What does Life Awareness mean to you?  July 2009's guest was Sam Walton.

Making the Best of These Times

As I look down at the planet today, I see a lot of people struggling to make ends meet.  Times are hard and people are not as flexible or savvy as they used to be.  It was very easy during the good times to think that you could have whatever you desired—because you could charge it.  Want a big gas guzzling car, a huge house, a boat, that new computer, the latest electronic gadget, or a new wardrobe?  Sure, then just charge it!  No need to even shop around for the best price; let others see you can frequent the high-end stores.

Even folks of moderate means have got to have their big TVS, game systems, and nights on the town with all the trimmings. Well, people, reality-check time. Big business has conducted itself in some of the same ways that you have and now they are failing—or worse yet, the government is bailing them out.  Something has got to be done by them and by you.

Each person must begin to take personal responsibility for his or her life.  The credit card companies are not your benevolent parents, nor are they in the business of forgiveness.  Each person needs to sit down with pencil and paper and evaluate what the family’s financial situation really is at this time.  When you see what you have coming in each month versus what you owe to people, you will begin to see why you feel panicked.

Next write down what your true needs are to live a comfortable life—and I didn’t say the life you see people living on television or in the movies, but what would be comfortable for you.  Then start living within that budget; that is being aware of life.

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