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ANNE FRANK    1929 -1945

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The lessons that I learned at that time were of 
total degradation, of the impact that one human 
being can have upon another to strip away every 
sense of being human

A Jewish girl who who lived most of her life in or near Amsterdam, in the Netherlands.

A tribute by Senna 1982

She gained international fame posthumously following the publication of her diary, which documents her experiences hiding during the German occupation of the Netherlands in World War II.

PETER: From your place now at Home, how do you feel about those who have claimed that your personal diary was a fake and that the Jewish Holocaust never even happened?
FRANK: (LAUGHS) In human terms I feel sorry for them because they are denying something that took place from which they could learn.  To deny something that is real shows the depth that such people are at in their spiritual development.  People who do not believe in the existence of souls, or of the energy around us, will not see a tree even when they bump into one.
PETER: You escaped being sent directly to the gas chambers because you were just fifteen.  But you were tattooed with an identification number, your head was shaved, and you were forced to do slave labour.  The women were herded together in the freezing winter.  Typhus broke out, and first Margot, then you died.
FRANK: During that period it was as if we existed only for the energy we could expend for the pleasures and the desires of those who had taken control of us.
PETER: Now that you are back Home, what would you say to anyone here who cannot understand why the Creator allows such brutality by some and such suffering by others?
FRANK: Each one of us decides what it is in the physical realm that we wish to experience.  We set up the parameters, whether it be that we wish (as I did) to go through degradation, physical pain, and deprivation, or else that we wish to be one of those who are experiencing total control over others and a total lack of what may be considered human compassion.  We choose which roles we play, and it isn't God, but the energy within us that makes the decision of what the lessons are going to be.
PETER: What is your present occupation?
FRANK: I am an historian.  I collect and document various experiences that have been had in human form.  If anyone is doing research whether or not they may wish to go down to planet Earth and experience a certain characteristic, they come to me and ask me for whatever information I have of what that particular role might entail.
PETER: You don't need a library to do your work in?
FRANK: I have it contained within the energy force that is me.  I can tap in energetically to what you would call the "Akashic records," and I can tap into the universal experience and categorize and take millions of soul experiences and condense them into all of the experiences of that particular human characteristic for the curious person.

Peter comments: As a victim, Anne confirms what Adolph Hitler asserted: "The Holocaust was agreed to by all of the souls who participated on both sides of the gas chamber door."

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The reader is Maryann O'Brien and the interviewer Shaun MacLoughlin.

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