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 Sonnet 92

Two Gentlemen of Verona V.4.108-20 employs many themes and words that also occur in this sonnet.  The words common to both are love, blot, inconstant(cy), blest (blessed), happy.  The thematic links are that Proteus is a flawed and feckless character who attempts to betray Julia, and the youth of the sonnets is a similar character.  Also that the speakers envisage themselves to be blest and in heaven by being reunited with their loved ones.

But do thy worst to steal thyself away,
For term of life thou art assured mine;
And life no longer than thy love will stay,UTwo Gentlemen of Verona
For it depends upon that love of thine. 
Then need I not to fear the worst of wrongs,
When in the least of them my life hath end.
I see a better state to me belongs
Than that which on thy humour doth depend:
Thou canst not vex me with inconstant mind,
Since that my life on thy revolt doth lie.
O! what a happy title do I find,
Happy to have thy love, happy to die!
  But what's so blessed-fair that fears no blot?
  Thou mayst be false, and yet I know it not.
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