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When I first began amassing my fortune, because I chose not to 
be poor any longer, I was ruthless.  I felt it was not important who 
I  stepped on, to get where I wanted to go.
Andrew Carnegie was the richest man in the world
Andrew Carnegie was the
richest man in the world

Born in Dunfermline, Scotland, his family emigrated to the USA. At 13 he began manual work in a textile mill, where his literacy skills brought him rapid promotion to clerk, thence to Western Union telegraph operator, and then personal assistant to Thomas Scott of the Pennsylvania Railroad.  He invested very successfully, created a bridge construction company, a profitable telegraph company, and began using a new steel-making process.

In his book Triumphant Democracy he developed anti-monarchical views and he controlled 18 British newspapers in which he promoted his radical views.

After a courtship lasting 17 years, he married Louise Whitfield, when he was 51 and she 38.

In The Gospel of Wealth he argued that the wealthy should be socially responsible and give away their fortunes.  He funded over 2,500 libraries throughout the English-speaking world, the Carnegie Institute of Technology, an American universities' research institution, a Teachers' Pension Fund, and the Carnegie Endowment for International Peace.

PETER You were described as the "Richest Man in the World."  Should you have been allowed to become so "stinking rich?"
CARNEGIE Yes.   What better use was there for that money but to go to someone who knew how to use it?   Bill Gates like me is "New Money".  He has the the wisdom to use his money to help children and to eradicate disease, because he knows what money is for.
PETER You're not a businessman now.
CARNEGIE As a resident on the other side I can see a cycle that people are going through, as the entire planet is going into a period of chaos.  I watch with interest the machinations of industry and finance.
PETER You wrote, "Man does not live by bread alone.  It is the mind that makes the body rich.  There is no class so pitiably wretched as that which possesses money and nothing else."  How difficult is it for the rich to enter the Kingdom of Heaven?
CARNEGIE (LAUGHS) Regardless of what is done while in human form, all souls return Home.  Whether the person has been a pauper, the richest man on the planet, an ascetic, a scholar, an illiterate, wracked with disease, blessed with health - all have equal access to the eternal.  Jesus' parable should not be taken as literal truth, but as an example of how to lead a better life.  He was speaking to the crowd who would think that if they did not have money they were nothing; but they would become richer in heaven than the rich man, who did nothing, but sit back and not fulfill any of his life's lessons.

Toni comments: Andrew Carnegie had a solid professional feel, more physical than ethereal - so much so that I almost looked for his physical countenance.  He was dominant in his delivery and unequivocal in his pronouncements, unlike mellowed "older" souls.

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