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 Talking with Leaders of the Past

Interviewed by Peter Watson Jenkins and channelled by Toni Ann Winninger

Dialogues with Masters of the Spirit World
read by Tristan Pate
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Toni Ann Winninger communicates with Ascended Masters of the Spirit World.

Some Ascended Masters became enlightened while in physical form.  Others, we might call Angels, have chosen not to incarnate.

With their help Toni has contacted 15 leaders, who currently dwell in the spirit realm, they call "Home".

The interviews were conducted by Peter Watson Jenkins.

If you are a sceptic and choose to regard the following as fiction, we hope you will find it entertaining.   The Masters have a great sense of fun.

To quote T. S. Eliot in Little Gidding:

We shall not cease from exploration
And the end of all our exploring
Will be to arrive where we started
And know the place for the first time

The Masters on Reincarnation

Peter asks the questions and Toni channels the answers.

PETER Please explain the process of reincarnation?
MASTERS The soul is a spark of light, which is a fragment of the Creator.   When a soul chooses to experience something, it must have a body to do so.  It chooses its parents and the circumstances of its birth to enable that experience.   There is a small part of the soul left at 'Home', but most of its energy is put into learning in the body.
PETER Research reveals that some souls return to their previous biological families.  How common is that?
MASTERS You continually reincarnate with a fairly small number of peers.   Most souls have a close soul group of about 24 souls.   It is possible that if you die before fulfilling your contract (the experience you have agreed with your Masters), you may, for example, return as a sibling or a cousin of your grandchildren.
PETER How much does the culture of the tribe influence the soul group?
MASTERS Most people choose differing experiences: you might be a native American Idian, then an African, then a European.
PETER Describe the relationship between the soul and the body.
MASTERS The soul connects with with the body to experience and grow from all feelings, apart from unconditional love.
Peter comments: "When our souls are about to incarnate on Earth, we choose our parents, 
decide which sex we will be, and are quite loosely attached to the foetus, until, usually, soon 
before the baby's birth.

Toni Ann Winninger  has been a medical technologist, a social worker, a sales representative, a director of education of a paramedical trade school, and finally a lawyer serving for 27 years as a state prosecutor in Chicago.

She is a Reiki master and metaphysical hypnotist.  She has a flourishing international practice as a psychic channeler, and teaches shamanistic Light Language.

Peter Watson Jenkins

Peter Watson Jenkins  is an author and a hypnotist, now aged 74, who spent 21 years in pastoral ministry, mainly in Britain.

His work included being in charge of one of the UK’s peace movements in the sixties.

He worked as a freelance journalist and, before meeting Toni, had published a novel and also a book of popular theology, Training for the Marathon of Life.

An Interview with Peter Watson Jenkins

INTERVIEWER: How did you overcome any personal skepticism you had about working with a psychic?
PETER: Toni remembers the very first time we discussed it.  I asked, “What’s all this stuff about channeling, then?”  I wasn’t completely antagonistic because of my fascination with past-life regression.  I had fairly recently trained to be a hypnotist, as had my wife, Sonia, who knew Toni from their attending the same hypnosis training class.  At that time Toni was still very new to channeling. She was going into trance to answer questions, which I sensed she herself felt was all rather strange.  This experimental feeling she imparted put me at ease immediately and I joined in without expectations or much skepticism as a fellow adventurer. When I got up enough courage to ask a few simple questions of the Masters, their straightforward words and precise knowledge of my personal situation had a profound effect on me.  I echoed the poet Keats:

“Then felt I like some watcher of the skies
When a new planet swims into his ken.”

The next stage in our journey as colleagues was a little surprising.  I volunteered to “help” her by coming each week to her office to ask the Masters more questions, so she might experiment with her channeling technique. The spiritual truth about the arrangement ran deeper.  Although I did not have a conscious knowledge of it at the time, Toni and I come from the same soul group. As soul mates we have been together in various past lives, usually as antagonists.  I can hardly believe that!  Since that beginning we have run together smoothly all the time, but never disagreeing significantly about anything as we wrote the Masters’ books; started the Masters’ website; created our publishing company, Celestial Voices; and last December started our second corporation, a non-profit organization fostering the Masters’ wisdom and called LifeAwareness.Org (which is its website).
Toni Ann Winninger
INTERVIEWER: What sort of person is Toni Winninger?
PETER: You want a list of virtues?  Like the Buddha she is larger than life.  Like the Prophet Mohammed she is generous.  Like Jesus she is loving and kind.  Like Confucius she is wise and fair.  Want any more? Don’t start lighting candles at her shrine just yet!  My best answer is that Toni is an incredibly spiritual person but most people would fail to see that in her.  You would see a normal, intelligent, active person, who isn’t pushy but who has a keen sense of who she is, and an equally keen interest in who you are.  (Oh boy — is she going to punish me for saying all that!)

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