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     POPE JOHN XXIII 1881-1963

A peaceful man does more good than a learned one
A peaceful man does more
good than a learned one
Revelations signal a time of change. 
It is something that is occurring on the planet 
at the present time.

He was born in Sotto il Monte (Beneath the Mountain) in Bergamo, Northern Italy, the fourth child of a sharecropper.

Extraordinary American women ~ Jane Addams

He was ordained a priest in 1904 and became a bishop in 1925

During the World War II he used his position to help save thousands of refugees.

In 1958 at the age 76, he was elected Pope.

His warmth, kindnes and moderately expressed radicalism generated major changes in the Church.

PETER How do you now view Vatican 2, the reforming council that you launched?
POPE JOHN I am very proud of the work that was done, because it took the majority of the church from the twelfth into the eighteenth century. (CHUCKLES)
PETER Tell me about revelation.  The oral tradition of the church includes the idea of the pope as successor of St. Peter.  How do you see revelation now?
POPE JOHN Peter was one of many who were the founders of what has grown into Roman Catholicism.  Revelation signals a time of change.  It is occuring on the planet now.  The end time is the end of complete duality of the human body, the raising of the physical into connection with the soul, and the reuniting with other souls.  My intention with Vatican 2 was to take some power out of the hands of the clergy and give it to the people, so that they could come together and reaize their spiritual connections.
PETER One significant omission from the council was reconsideration of the clergy as a celibate and male institution.  Is there room for change?
POPE JOHN Absolutely!  But it does not appear there will be change during your lifetime.
PETER What is the best way for the church to resove the pedophile priest problem?
POPE JOHN To be completely open about its existence.  In their studies priests are constantly told, "you may not have sex with a woman."  To some of them that modified into, "I may have sex with a boy."
PETER Does the church's strong emphasis on social issues such as abortion represent a balanced view of Jesus' teaching?
POPE JOHN The soul chooses its time of entry and sometimes goes in and out of the foetus before it becomes a viable human.  The soul never dies and may not even be there when an abortion takes place.  However through an abortion a woman may learn some of the issues for which she came down to the planet.  Jesus did not take a stand on abortion.
PETER How do you feel about the attitudes of Christians, Muslims and Jews to the conflicts in the Middle East?
POPE JOHN It is the human frailty of those at the head of various sects, who have become divorced from true feelings for their spiritual side, and who have grown into the belief that there is a true way to go.  There wil be much bloodshed, before there is any realization of of the dysfunction occurring within these religions.

Toni comments: The former pontiff came in with the feel of a protective, benevolent uncle.  He seemed to 'bounce' the current Church hierarchy lovingly on his knee, while chastising them. His energy spilled out in a torrent of words.   Perhaps it was a memory of his former Italian zest for life.

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