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ELEANOR ROOSEVELT      1884-1962

The Empire of America is like a puppeteer's stage, where the government pulls the strings,
totally oblivious of the effect on the audience.

Born in New York, both her parents died when she was a child and she was raised by her grandmother.  Shy and awkward she was taught by tutors until she was fifteen and then sent to Allenswood Academy in London.  In 1905 she married Franklin Delano Roosevelt, and they had six children.

Eleanor Roosevelt

At the start of World War I she volunteered for work in navy hospitals with the American Red Cross.

When Roosevelt became president - briefed to be his eyes and ears - she inspected Depression projects; became an advocate for the poor; promoted women's issues; supported anti-lynching campaigns; encouraged minority housing and supported labour's right to organize.

After FDR's death, Truman appointed her to the US delegation of the United Nations Assembly.  She helped to draft the Universal Declaration of Human Rights.

She came to symbolize independent, politically active twentieth century women.

PETER Did you accept your abandonment by your husband for your social secretary Lucy, because of your sense of the inferiority of women?
ELEANOR No, I considered the sexual drive of men had to be pampered.  I considered that unfortunately my husband needed variety.
PETER How in touch are today's policymakers with those less fortunate than themselves?
ELEANOR Because governments are so much bigger, and involving other countries much more, politicians don't have time to go out and meet people.
PETER How do you view America these days?
ELEANOR The Empire of America is like a puppeteer's stage, where the government pulls the strings, totally oblivious of the effect on the audience.  They only wish to have a return for themselves, whether it be additional money or power. *
PETER Now you are at Home, do feel yourself lifting out of your sensibiity as Eleanor Roosevelt?
ELEANOR Now I can say what I feel.
PETER Which great wrongs are we ignoring in the world today?
ELEANOR Until people feel and love, the world will not change.  Governments respond only with thinking; they don't try to feel the reasons terorists react in the way they do.  Until America can feel what it is to have part of the country, say east of the Mississippi, given to others to control, they cannot improve the world.

* Please note this interview took place before Obama became president.

Toni comments: she seemed shy and reticent, yet had the forcefulness of a good teacher.  It was as if she were bridging her life from insecure introvert to author, ambassador and expert.  She talked very rapidly which challenged my channeling ability.

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