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AMELIA EARHART    1897 - 1937

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love makes all things easy
I could lose myself completely within 
that energy in the air

Amelia Mary Earhart was the first woman to fly the Atlantic alone twice, to fly an autogiro and to fly non-stop across the United States, to fly from Hawaii to the U.S. mainland, and almost the first woman aviator to fly round the planet.

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PETER Which is more important to you, your daring achievements or the fact that you were a woman doing them?
EARHART It was the adventure, the excitement, to help people realize they could do if they put their mind to it, whether they be female or male.  For me the lure of flying was the lure of beauty.  I envisioned myself as a bird, and the plane was my bone structure, my wings.  When I first got into aviation it was considered a lark by the "boys' club" that here was this woman who thought she was able to perform as well as they.
PETER If you came back as a woman, what issue or task would you choose to tackle today?
EARHART Medical research.  Today most of the trendsetters are male, just as they were in my field of aviation.  So I am planning to come back as a medical researcher, to link cancer with all of its causes.
PETER You wrote to your husband, "I shall not hold you to any medieval code of faithfulness to me."  Apparently you were looking for an open marriage.  Was that feminism or a desire to play the field?
EARHART Neither.  The open skies were the definition for me of an open marriage, and I did not feel that George should be tied to the house when I was out flying around the world.
PETER We understand that, where you are now, souls do not have a gender.  Doesn't that make life at Home rather bland?
EARHART Oh, not at all!   When you are in energetic form it doesn't matter  -  you are always within the excitement and you contain the energies of both sexes.
PETER What was your life purpose?
EARHART To follow my passions, without living under the pressures put upon me from outside.  To learn to identify myself from within, from the soul, rather than from without-the belief systems of society.
PETER You wrote that courage is "the price that Life exacts for granting peace."
EARHART Courage, on a spiritual level, relates to the courage to find out who you are and what you can do.
PETER Is there life on the moon?
EARHART In some dimensions, yes.   All time exists at the same time for us. So depending on when you pop onto the surface of the moon, there's either life or non-life.

Toni comments: I felt Amelia's powerful personality but she resonated with a lovely gentleness as well.  There was a calmness, a peace, even a lightness about her, as if everything were conducted in the air, floating on a cloud.

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