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Shaun MacLoughlin

Radio Producer, Author, University Teacher and Actor

Academic and Professional:

Shaun Shaun 'That was perfect m'dears, but I think we'll do it just once more, to be sure' Shaun directing actors, cartoon by playwright, Peter Terson

Producer of audio plays for primary school children and secondary school children

Producer of Learning English through Drama, Thailand

Writing for Radio


Daughter Mary with Benjamin Shaun aged one month
Mary and Benjamin
at one month
Shaun paddling with his granddaughter Shoshi
Shaun and Granddaughter,

Shaun has three grown up children and four grandchildren.

A follower of A Course in Miracles and of the teaching in The Ringing Cedars series, of Of Water and the Spirit and The Healing Wisdom of Africa by Malidoma Some and Talking with Leaders of the Past and with Twentieth Century Men and Women compiled by Peter Watson Jenkins and channeled by Toni Ann Winninger. Please see below.

Addicted to travelling, particularly in the Far East, West Africa and Russia.

Enjoys grandchildren, friendships, gardening, travelling, learning languages, walking, cycling, swimming and paddling.


Shaun has recently become the proud, grateful and delighted grandfather to two new grandsons:

Tate Montgomery MacLoughlin, son of Seamus and Sarah, born 15th January 2012

and his cousin

Louis Coram, son of Tony and Mary, and brother of Benjamin, born 27th January 2012.

Brothers: Benjamin and Louis
Cousins: Tate and Louis

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From a lifetime's reading, I particularly recommend Meditations on the Tarot, the jouney of a Christiam Hermeticist by Valentin Tomberg, an unsung genius and healer of souls and The Dream of the Cosmos: a Quest for the Soul by Anne Baring. In my opinion this is the most important book of the Twentyfirst Century and if the human race is to survive it should be required reading for all politicians and for all sixth formers.

Otherwise I have forgotten more books than I care to remember, but from a lifetime's reading I recommend these: