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   DWIGHT L. MOODY 1837-1899

The man known as the Lord Jesus Christ in the Bible and by me, 
while in physical form, is the most intense, 
beautiful, giving, loving energy within all creation.
love makes all things easy

He was born in Massachusetts.  His impoverished, bricklayer father died when he was young.

Through hard work he made a fortune.

He became a Christian and helped to erect America's first Y.M.C.A. building.

With Ira Sankey he preached to and converted 1,000s of people.

Over 100 million people attended their gospel campaigns in America and Europe.

PETER You once said, "I have had more trouble with myself, than with any other man."  Please comment?
MOODY As I was growing up, I looked on money as a kind of demon.  It could lure you in and promise to provide you with everything you could possibly imagine, and yet provided nothing that took care of your soul and your growth.
PETER The Bible was of enormous importance in your message.
MOODY The people who were my first "sheep" were those who had nothing.  It was what they needed because they had no discipline.  The energy of the Word of God is in the Bible, and it represents the how-to manual for people to go through life, because that is what they need at this stage of their becoming mature.  The energy of the Word of God, which is unconditional love, permeates everything.  It can be said in any language, in any set of words, and it will be felt
PETER What parts of the Bible were deliberately left out?
MOODY Reincarnation, and the soul's journey through life.
PETER You once said, "I treat the Lord Jesus as a personal friend."
MOODY The Lord Jesus Christ, while in physical form, is the most intense, beautiful, totally giving, totally loving energy within all of creation.
PETER Is Satan a fallen angel?
MOODY He is an angel who at the request of God, became negativity, so that souls might experience the intensity of the love of God.  Without an example of love's antithesis there is no true feeling within the physical of that magnificence.  The energy of that negativity does not exist beyond the physical dimension.

Toni comments: At times I felt as though I were in the front row of a revivalist tent; Moody's energy was mesmerizing!  It was almost as if we interviewed two personalities; the dispassionate historian and the eternal soul, who saw the potential to use the Bible to train less mature souls.

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