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SHARON TATE 1943 - 1969

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There wasn't anything that shone about my qualities; 
my beauty was what got me in and kept me there.
from the trailer for the film Eye of the Devil

During the 1960s she played small television roles before appearing in several films.

Receiving positive reviews for her comedic performances, she was hailed as one of Hollywood's promising newcomers, and nominated for a Golden Globe Award for her performance in Valley of the Dolls.  She also appeared in fashion magazines as a model and cover girl.

The early Sharon Tate

Married to the film director Roman Polanski in 1968, Tate was eight and a half months pregnant when she was murdered in her home, along with four others, by followers of Charles Manson.

PETER You were an "Army brat."  Your father was in the US Army, so you moved around the country.
TATE Being a military dependent one is constantly uprooted.  It creates extremes of emotion.
PETER When you were a toddler you won the "Miss Tiny Tot of Dallas Pageant."
TATE It was exciting but also boring.  It felt very unusual to be there and to have adults talking all about you, but never to you.  So I retreated into myself.
PETER Your family moved to Verona in Italy, where you landed a part as an extra in the film Adventures of a Young Man.  Did most of the men who helped your career expect sex?
TATE That was the payment in the industry at that time.  If you wanted to have yourself considered for different parts, you had to be willing to please them.
PETER Your career gathered momentum.  You appeared with David Niven and Deborah Kerr as a witch in Eye of the Devil, for which a critic described you as "chillingly beautiful but expressionless."  David and Deborah said you had latent talent.  What did you think of them?
TATE They were so experienced, so giving.  Whenever they saw me giving a poor presentation of myself, they would coach me in the role.
PETER You weren't a witch?
TATE (LAUGHS) Not at all.
PETER Too beautiful?
TATE I didn't think beauty had anything to do with evil.  Evil is what is inside, not the package it is presented in.
PETER At a London nightclub you met the film director Roman Polanski.  He let you star in The Fearless Vampire Killers.  He was a perfectionist, wasn't he?
TATE Roman was insufferable when it came to matching his vision of the way things should be done.  He would be ruthless in staging what was in his mind's eye.  But the finished product was magnificent.
PETER If he was that difficult to work with, what attracted you?
TATE His intensity.  I had never come across anyone who was so passionate, and he was as passionate in bed, as he was about his craft.  Everything he did was to the ultimate.
PETER Was your life purpose on track at that point?
TATE My life purpose was to experience different things in order to come out of my shell and to be able to make decisions.  It was setting me up for the climax.
PETER In August 1969 you were 26 and famous, and your baby boy was nearly due to be born.  Did you have any premonition of what would happen to you?
TATE Not consciously.  But back here, my soul recalled the contracts I had made.
PETER Followers of Charles Manson came to your house and murdered you with your unborn child, together with the driver of your car and three friends.  Was this an act of free will by the followers of Manson or was it planned before you incarnated?
TATE Definitely planned.  My violent death would bring attention to a way of life and a pattern of brainwashing that was going on throughout a lot of quasi-religious and hippie groups.  My soul knew it was going to be from the group, of which Manson was a part.  The exact people who did it was the freedom of choice within the group.
PETER So you died to show up the iniquities of these religious groups?
TATE Religious groups, fanatical groups, gangs, accumulations of people where power was totally given to one or two people to dictate what everyone did.  It was all about people's wresting power from normal society.
PETER Do you find this same problem still here in the United States?
TATE Absolutely - throughout the entire world.  People who are fanatical about their cause, thinking human life has no value, need to be highlighted.  Anyone who believes that all the world must do, think, and believe as they do must be made to see that all souls have their own truth.
PETER Have some souls deliberately taken on an evil role?
TATE For us here at Home there is no evil.  We have no duality.  But incarnate, we are in the "Third Dimension," which is Earth's polarized vibration.  There, in order to demonstrate what is good you must also know what is evil.  One example is the demolition of the World Trade Center.  The perpetrators agreed, under the guise of some fanatical idea of what was right, to be evil incarnate in the eyes of the world.  All the souls who transitioned (died) at that time had agreed to be on the stage, to communicate emotionally with everyone else on the planet, in order to change perspective, and to help people see that the world was tipping in the direction of anarchy.
PETER When you were stabbed 16 times did you have difficulty returning Home?
TATE Not at all.  As soon as I was out of the body and saw everything that was going on, I began to remember that I had agreed to be part of this experience on the planet.
PETER With regard to Charles Manson and your killers, do you have an opinion about the death penalty for murder?
TATE (LAUGHS) No.  When people transition (die), it's something that they pretty much know ahead of time.  So that if people commit murder, and the State does away with the death penalty, and they had wanted to transition then, they will either die of medical reasons or somebody will hasten their departure.
PETER The death penalty can be seen as either retribution or a deterrent.
TATE Historically there is no truth that it has any deterrent effect.  It is only important for the experiences that can be had in society.  For instance, if I want to experience judging the actions of another person to the ultimate, by imposing the death penalty, I would arrange to be on a jury making those decisions.  Then, as that person was on death row, I would agonize over whether that was right decision.
PETER You were in love with your husband, Roman.  How has your separation by physical death affected your feelings for him?
TATE The attraction of one human for another human, which we call romance, is on a very physical level.  It engenders all of the emotional and physical reactions that occur within a human being.  As a soul we unconditionally love every other soul, and that goes for those who helped terminate my existence on the human plane, as well as those who are here and those whom I left behind.  It is an acknowledgment that we are all the same.  Do you not love your hand, your arm?  It is as difficult for you to say that you do not love your hand or your arm, as it is for us to say we do not love another soul.  Love is totally, absolutely, positively unconditional.

Toni comments: The feeling I got from Sharon's soul was that it was much older and more mature than my physical picture of the actress would lead me to believe.  It was as if, in place of my impression of her as a flighty little thing, she were a very mellow, balanced, thoughtful soul, who set herself up as a target and said, "You need to have this experience.  I'm here.  World, take note."

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